VP Gallery

Two Video B students getting “in character” for their Blair Witch video.

16 Responses to VP Gallery

  1. Desirae Douglas says:

    haha… 🙂

  2. D'Vaughna says:

    I actualy like my pic and thanks for helping me with our first project

  3. Erika Wagoner says:

    i like the pictures it was hard to keep a straight face for a while! haha

  4. Alivia Peckhem says:

    I love your class, me, celeste, and lupe have so much fun! I wish we had forth hour all the time..!

  5. mya hutton says:

    i need your class so bad it looks so fun!!! :));0)

  6. Alivia says:

    Hey so i was goin throught your pictures and i caint find the picture you took with me and lupe?!

  7. yohaness says:

    waz up

    • Hey, Yohaness. I’m taking a break from building a garage with Mr. Findling. Wrapping presents and getting ready for the upcoming holiday. What’s up with you? You saying “waz up” reminded me that I have some great pictures of Video A students to put up here. SD card is at school, I’ll try to get them up here on WordPress tomorrow.

  8. Kennedy (KityCatMe) says:

    Nice pictures. Where are the skii club photos if you have any? I have friends that are interested 😛

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