Substitute Teacher Lessons

In the event that Mrs. Findling has a Substitute teacher the lessons will be the following:

1. Students will need to write down the 5 room expectations, consequences and ideas of how they can assist others and make good choices.

2. Next students will watch a Videomaker video and summarize it. Students need to fill all available space to get the full points. They need to be detailed and elaborate.

Make sure to login to or you will not be able to see the videos.

Username: findling

Password: room209

Go to the How To tab at the top of the page. Then scroll down to the Production area and select Effects and Stunts. Then scroll down to Streaming Videos. In the bottom right hand corner of this area click on More Streaming Videos. Watch one video all the way through. Then watch it again while you answer the questions and fill out the summary paper. Each student must do their own paper and writing but multiple students can watch the same video. Turn into the finished work bin. If your group finishes they can work on video paperwork, titles in Livetype (if they have already been taught), or edit in FCE without teacher assistance. No music in the edit rooms when there is a sub.

The paper is worth a total of 25 points and the students will NOT be able to re-do this when Mrs. Findling returns.


Note: No cameras will be checked out when their is a Substitute teacher in the Studio.

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