Week 7 Video A & B

This is the first week of the 4th Marking Period. Conferences will be on Wednesday, January 25th from 1-7. My conference group consists of 8th graders, but I will have 2 Imac computers set up in the hall outside my room with all my student’s films loaded on them. Please swing by the studio and enjoy a homemade brownie and share your child’s film with them. If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s 3rd Marking Period grade please feel free to stop by as well. I would very much like to work together with you to make sure they are successful.

Video A

There was no homework assigned on Friday, due to the half day.

We are filming and editing our 5×5 films. This is done individually, not in groups. The 5×5 is 5 video clips all about the same theme that are filmed with different camera shots and edited down to be 5 seconds each. The Students make a simple title and credits and export it to be graded. They will them learn how to storyboard an animation, paying attention to the size and placement of objects within the cell on the storyboard. Next they will script a Chicken commercial, paying attention to what is said, what they see and text on the screen. After all these are done they will once again work in groups on a Commercial film project. Homework will go home on Friday.

Video B

There was no homework assigned on Friday, due to the half day.

We are completing the Circle map on an emotion and using the ideas to plan a Inside/Out film on that emotion. Students need to convey the emotion visually with no dialogue at all. They can produce music or choose instrumental music to help convey their emotion. This film does not need to have a story line. Camera angles, lighting, facial expressions and audio will be key to conveying the intended emotion to the audience through film. After the circle map is approved the students will complete the Pre-production paperwork. Once the Pre-production paperwork is approved, the students may begin filmming. Homework will go home on Friday.


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