2nd Trimester, Week 5 Video A & B

Homework is due but will be accepted until Friday. There are extra copies on the white board and on the Homework tab of this blog.

Film 1 is due Thursday. I will teach Film 2 on Monday and Tuesday for those who have already Exported film 1. Video A will be learning camera care and use. The 5×5 film will focus on Camera Shots and editing down to 5 seconds. This is a short film and will only take 1-2 weeks. Video B will be creating a film that uses creative camera shots, lighting, angles, music, sound effects and transitions to evoke an emotion in the audience. For instance- for suspense they might show someone slowly opening a present from many different angles with dramatic, upbeat music. For fear they could show a low level shot of work boots walking , a dark room with a door creaking open and a gloved hand on the door knob, a unsuspecting person hearing a noise and looking frightened, etc. with scary music and sound effects. Students may combine self created and royalty free media to create this.

The studio will be open after school on Tuesday for any students who are interested in working on their project or receiving any extra support.

Homework will go home on Friday.

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