3rd Trimester, Week 1, All Classes, March 14th

Monday – Wednesday:

This week will be primarily focused on the Behavioral and Academic Expectations in the Video Production Studio. We will review the expectations and the consequences and the students will bring a Contract home to be signed by both the student and the parent/guardian. This is required. Please make sure to read it with your child so they understand that you support it.

We will also take the Pre-test to gather baseline data to make comparisons with at the end of the Trimester. There are no points or grade awarded for the pre-test. All students will take the pre-test.

Every student will learn to create a filing system on the Mac computers to organize and store all their media throughout the 12 weeks. Once the files are created they will learn how to save to their file. They will also learn where their student folder is within their class, in the file cabinet for them to keep their film paperwork (group) in. It is important that when they share pre-production paperwork with other classmates they leave it in their folder so their classmates can access it if they are gone.

Wednesday – Friday:

Video A: Research on our first film will begin this week. The students will break into pairs and research either a medical biotechnology product or a technology innovation to focus their first film on. This will take the remainder of the week.

Video B: Individuals will film 21 different camera shots and load them in their student folder to be graded. Students will re-shoot any camera shots done incorrectly. This will be a Project grade.

Contracts are due on Friday. Homework will be handed out on Friday to be returned on Monday. The Studio will not be available after school this week. We will have talent show practice instead.

Monday is Literacy Night, we hope you will bring your entire family for a night of fun with the book, Touching Spirit Bear.

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