Video B, Week 8 – February 1st

Homework is due but will be accepted until Friday. There are extra copies on the whiteboard or you can download the homework from the homework tab on this blog.

This week you will receive your Film 2 Rubric with feedback and a grade. Please read all my suggestions to make your films better and make all recommended changes to increase the grade. Remember to export the revised film and call it “REGRADE” as well as the name. This will help me notice the new version. Thank you.

Film 3 begins this week. This film is much fun but can be tricky to edit. Film 3 is the “All in One” film, which is the comedy. Only one member in the group is allowed to be the actor/actress but must play all five characters in the film. Each character must look  different from each another. The recommended shots for conversations are mcu, ms, cu and oss shots. I recommend you film one character each day (naturally having your five different outfits) and save the separate characters in different folders. Editing will be easier if you follow your pre-production paperwork and check off each line on the script after you have recorded the best version. Use your shot sheet to help organize your shots and refer to your storyboard to help you remember where the shots are taking place. Always bring your paperwork back and put it in the file cabinet. You do not want to re-do the paperwork.

The studio will be open on Wednesday after school from 2:20 – 4:00. Homework will go home on Friday.

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