Video B, Week 7 – January 25th

This week we wrap up production and editing of film 2 (Blair Witch or Split Screen). If students finish early they will begin the Pre-Production paperwork for their 3rd film, All in One. This is a comedy film where only one person in each film group is allowed to be the actor but they must pretend to be all five characters in the film. We will focus on Mid-shots, Mid Close-up, Over the Shoulder shots and use of the green screen to support the story line and script. The students are being asked to make each character look/sound different. We will learn what continuity errors are and how to avoid them.

The studio will be open after school on Tuesday for any students who would like to take advantage of extra time or support, 2:20 – 4:00.

Conferences are on Thursday, February 28th from 1:00 – 7:00 pm. I will be facilitating conferences with my conference group in my room. Please bring your families down to the studio and share your finished films with them. I will place two Imac computers in the hall with a folder on the desktop filled with all your Exported films. If you want to share a work in progress please check to make sure there are no conferences that are going on near your workstation computer. My hope is that you will not distract or interrupt my student led conferences going on in my room. As always I plan to make a lot of brownies to share at conferences so stop down at the during conferences and enjoy a snack.

There will be homework assigned this week on Friday.

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