2nd Tri., Week 2, Video A, Dec. 7th

Week 1 was amazing. Your students worked so hard and are well on their way to starting their first film. The first film is an informational film about a new Technology Innovation that they chose. Small groups have been filling out their research guides, getting them approved and then working on their scripts. Many are still in this stage of the film making. Some are already recording their scripts and will begin to gather the visual media needed to represent what they said in their voiceover. We will also learn how to make dynamic titles in LiveType. Film Formats homework was handed out on Friday and is due on Monday. Homework will be accepted for 5 days only after it has been assigned. If you need extra copies there are some on the whiteboard. You can also access extra copies on the tab at the top of this blog. The first homework is an automatic 10 points for trying. I will give feedback guiding students to my expectations. I have added many grades in eschool. Please check to see what is being turned in. I go through these assignments almost everyday and have grades posted outside my room 2-3 times every week to help keep my students focused and informed. Please let me know if you have any questions. My plan hour is 7:30-8:30 or call after school. Or email me- findlingrb@kalamazoo.k12.mi.us. I check my email several times a day.

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