Video C – Week 2 – September 14th

Essential Question – What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

Homework (Music Videos) assigned on Friday is due on Monday but will be accepted for 5 days. After 5 days homework will no longer be accepted. There are extra copies next to the white board and you can download homework from the Homework link above.

Monday – Friday

Students are wrapping up their Camera Shot Types. There are 21 different camera shots they are required to master before they can work on their Music Videos. The camera shots are considered an assessment. Students will be given the opportunity to re-shoot any camera shots that are not correct. All students should receive 21 out of 21.

After all the camera shots are done students pick a song and get the lyrics approved by Mrs. Findling. Once the lyrics are approved the students can begin to gather all media necessary for the film (images, video, audio).

This film is a 2-3 week film.

Homework will go home on Friday and is due on the following Monday.

Lesson Plan for Administrators – Video C, Week 2 Lesson Plans

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