Video B, Week 10 – February 16th

Homework handed out on Friday is due but will be accepted until Friday. If you need extra copies they are next to the whiteboard or on the homework tab of this blog.

The Video Production Studio will be open after school on Tuesday for any student who needs extra time or support for any of their videos they are working on.

This week Video B students will begin planning their 3rd and final film, All in One. Through the use of Close Up, Mid-Close Up, Over the Shoulder Shots and the green screen the students will use only one actor to portray 5 different characters in the film. Each character must look different and if possible sound different. This film is in the style of Eddie Murphy. It helps if all the lines of one character are filmed in a single day, so the continuity of a character’s outfit may be consistent.

Homework will go home on Friday.

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