Video A, Week 7 – January 26th

There was no homework assigned last week due to the half day. There will be no homework due this week.

Most students are completing their 5×5 #1, which is randomly filmed but has a central theme (color, shapes, expressions, doors, etc.). The 5 video clips need to be exactly 5 seconds long each. The students have learned 4 different ways to edit video clips and are learning how to use them and developing confidence. The 5×5 #1 must have a simple fce title and credits, no Livetype title or credits allowed. This film is simple, even the title and credits.

We will learn how to storyboard the animation Ormie ( this week. We will be looking at specific camera shots and framing used in the animation. The students will have to draw this story in 9 frames using the entire cell to match the shots in the animation.

We will learn how to script a commercial Pollo Comparo . We will be learning to put actions in parenthesis, what is said in quotations marks and labeling the text shown. The students will script the 29 second commercial, including the timecode.

Once the Storyboard and Script are done the students are free to storyboard their 5×5 #2 using 5 different camera shots. They must get this approved then they are free to film it. The 5×5 #2 will be graded using the storyboard. The storyboard must match the finished film.

It will take 1-2 weeks to finish these assignments, we only have 6 working cameras at this time. More are coming soon though!

The studio will be open on Tuesday after school from 2:20 – 4:15 if you’d like extra help or time.

Please bring your families down to the studio during conferences. All of your exported films will be on the Imacs in the hall so you can share your hard work and creativity with your families.

Homework will go home this Friday.

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