Video B, Week 10 – November 3rd

Essential Question: What content, visual and auditory elements are necessary to create an effective video production?

There was no school on Friday, October 31st. Because of this, there was not homework assigned for this week.

Monday – Friday:

This week will be designated for filming and beginning editing of the All in One film. In this film only one person is allowed to be the actor but they must portray 5 different characters, all interacting with one another. This film is modeled after Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry. The use of Mid-shots, Mid-close up shots and over the shoulder shots will sell the interaction of the characters. Remember to keep the clothing, voices and placements of characters consistent. Inconsistency’s and continuity errors will cause you to lose points.

Remember that using the halls and school grounds to film is a privilege and if you can’t behave responsibility then you will lose this privilege.

Homework will go home on Friday. Homework is only accepted for 5 days after being assigned.

The studio is open after school on Wednesday from 2:20 – 4:30, if you need additional time or support. Please arrange for transportation ahead of time.

Detailed lesson plan – video b, week 10

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