Video C, Week 9 – October 27th

Essential Question: What content, visual and auditory elements are necessary to create an effective video production?

Homework: Fair Use is due on Monday, but will be accepted until Thursday, Oct. 31st.

Monday: Examples of the Reverse Speed and Time Shift films will be shown to inspire and explain the requirements of the last film to be created. Mrs. Findling will model how to record footage to be used in the film (to be sped up, slowed down, reversed and shifted). Mrs. Findling will model how to edit the footage to achieve the requirements of this film. Students will begin planning their Reverse Speed or Time Shift film. The Pre-production paperwork is worth 40 points and is due on Friday.

Monday – Thursday: Students will receive feedback on their Exported Stop Motion film. They may make changes while they are planning their last film. If students want Mrs. Findling to regrade their Stop Motion film they must RE-EXPORT it to the EXPORTS folder. Call it REGRADE.

The studio will be open after school on Wednesday (2:20 – 4:30) for anyone who needs extra time or support.

We do not have school on Friday, therefore there is no homework to go home on Friday.

Detailed Lesson Plan – video c, week 9

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