Video B, Week 9 – October 27th

Essential Question: What content, visual and auditory elements are necessary to create an effective video production?

Homework: Biography of Eddie Murphy is due on Monday, but will be accepted until Thursday, Oct. 31st.

Monday – Friday: Students will be finishing up their Pre-Production paperwork for the final film, All in One. This film is the most complicated film to shoot and edit. Students who get their paperwork approved may begin filming. It is recommended that one character is filmed each day to help keep the outfits consistent. Remember to use different voices and outfits for each character. You will be marked down for all continuity errors. Make sure to label all footage captured each day to help make editing easier.

The studio will be open after school on Wednesday (2:20 – 4:30) for anyone who needs extra time or support.

We do not have school on Friday, therefore there is no homework to go home on Friday.

Detailed Lesson Plan – video b week 9

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