Video B, Week 7 – October 13th

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

There was no homework assigned on Friday (the last day of the marking period), so there is no homework due.

Conferences are this Thursday from 1-7. Please bring your families down to the Video Production Studio. I will have two imacs in the hall with a folder on the desktop called ALL EXPORTS. If you exported a video, it will be in there. Make sure to share what you have been working on with your families.

This week we will be discussing parallels in film making during our warm up videos. Parallels are two events, actors or or environments that are very similar.

The students are filming and editing the Blair Witch film project. They must shoot the apology scene only, using the Extremely Close Up camera shot and flashlight lighting. It needs to be one minute long and contain both LiveType titles and credits and scary music for both the title and credits. There must be at lease 5 references to the actual Blair Witch plot. The students can try to be serious or make a parody of the original film.

The Video Production Studio will be open after school on Wednesday from 2:20 – 4:30, only this week because Ms. Findling will be in an Arts Department meeting on Tuesday.

Homework will go home on Friday, to be returned on Monday.

More extensive Lesson Plan – DIP video b, Wk 7

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