Video B, Week 6 – October 6th

Homework is due, but will be accepted until Friday. If you need extra copies they are next to the white board or on the Homework tab of this blog.

All films that were Exported were graded and feedback will be handed back today. If you make the recommended changes and Re-export the films I will regrade them.

The Blair Witch pre-production paperwork was due last week and most have been approved. This week will be devoted to production of the scary film. The students need to replicate (serious or parody) the apology scene. They need to shoot an extreme close up camera shot. They also need to use only flashlight lighting and use emotion to evoke fear in the audience.

The studio will be open after school on Monday this week from 2:20 – 4:30 if you need extra time or support.

Friday will be a half day. It is the end of the first marking period. There will be no homework as it is a half day.

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