Video B, Week 3 – September 15th

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

Homework was not assigned on Friday, due to Mrs. Findling being absent on Thursday and Friday morning. Therefore no homework is due this week.

Monday – Friday – This week is devoted to production (filming) of the Chroma Key film. Most students have wrapped up the pre-production paperwork for their film and are ready to film. Everyday this week it takes your group to finish the pre-production paperwork will be one less day to film, wrap up the filming. If there are props you need and do not have, write the items down on a post it and stick it to Mrs. Findling’s laptop and she will try to get them for you. If you just tell her, she will not remember.

The Video Production Studio will be open after school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week until 4:30 if you need extra help or time to work on your projects.

Homework will go home on Friday.

Detailed Weekly Lesson Plan, DIP video b, Wk 3

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