Video A, B, C – Week 9, May 19th

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

All Classes: There will be a substitute on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon so I can prepare and run the Talent Show. Remember this is a Tier 1 event and you need your ID to attend. Turn in homework  from Friday.

Video A – Students will be completing all in class assignments: Storyboarding “Ain’t Easy Being Green”, scripting “Pollo Comparo”, Storyboarding 5×5 #2, filming and editing 5×5 #2, Commercial Planning Guide, Commercial Pre-Production Paperwork.

Video B – Final Editing on Blair Witch video, exporting video to EXPORTS folder. Begin planning All in One if time permits.

Video C – Begin Production of Reverse Speed/Time Shift film.

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