Video B & C, Week 3 – March 31st

Essential Question-

What visual elements are used to convey meaning?


Post Production (editing) of the first video will be completed by Friday. The video must have a livetype title and credits, the visuals must match the lyrics or the theme of the music and be consistent. There must be no media gaps or stray media on the timeline. The video must be between 1-4 minutes. The media must be clear and of good quality (lighting, composition, etc.).

Tuesday and Thursday: We will begin Plotting Points math warm ups in class. As an elective I am working on one skill while the students are in my room. As a school we are making a greater effort to catch those who may be falling between the cracks in basic math skills. For those who know it, this will be a bonus 20 points per week. I will teach plotting points and they will receive 10 points for each warm up completed.

The studio will be open on Tuesday only, after school if you’d like to stay after and get some help.

There will be no homework, as we do not have school on Friday. Enjoy your Spring Break!

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