Video A, Week 7, October 14th

MEAP is upon us. Please make sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. It may not seem to matter, but studies have shown that students who get a good night’s sleep and eat well, perform better on standardized tests than those who have little sleep and are hungry. Also, remember to read questions carefully as well as all the answers before selecting the best answer. Double check all your answers to make sure you didn’t leave any blank and make sure all your bubbles are completely filled in.

Title of Unit: Random 5 x 5                                                                Grade Level: 6,7,8

Curriculum Area: Video Production/Art                                    Film Duration: 2 wks (due to MEAP testing)

Magnet Grade Level Focus: Technology Innovations was covered in weeks 1-4

Teacher: Findling

Grade Level Content Standards:

ART.D.II.6.2 Introduce and explore creating movement that
communicates a topic of personal significance.

ART.D.III. 6.4 Introduce manipulation of movement and the concepts
related to movement selection.

ART.D.III. 7.3 Manipulate costuming and lighting to contribute to the

6-8.CI.2. create an original project (e.g., presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media (e.g., animations, graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to an audience

6-8.CT.4. describe strategies for solving routine hardware and software problems

6-8.DC.5. create media-rich presentations on the appropriate and ethical use of digital tools and resources

6-8.TC.6. use accurate technology terminology

6-8.TC.8. discuss possible uses of technology to support personal pursuits and lifelong learning

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

Assessment to be used-

Formative: Meeting with groups, checking on progress and providing support.

Summative: Film completion at the end of week 3. See rubric.

Homework: (see homework tab on home page)

Daily Agenda-

Monday: Show an animation and model how to storyboard the camera shots seen. Allow students to watch a short animation and storyboard the animation. Re-introduce the concept of a 5×5 film, show examples and teach care and use of flip cameras. Model various camera shots (ws, ms, low level, high level, cu, zoom, pan, tilt). Shoot a 5×5 and model how to find, save footage to the student folder>film2>video. Go over project rubric (5 video clips showing varied shots all with a common theme, all shots are edited to be exactly 5 seconds each with a simple fce title and credits). Allow students to begin filming.

Objective: Students will storyboard a short animation. Students will sign out cameras, film 7-10 second long clips all of a similar idea, save the clips to their student file and import to fce.

Monday – Friday: Students will be filming and editing all week.

Objective: Students will sign out cameras, film 7-10 second long clips all of a similar idea, save the clips to their student file and import to fce. Students will edit all clips to be 5 seconds long each and add a simple title and credits in fce, NOT LIVETYPE.

Friday: Homework will go home on Friday.

Daily Instructional Plan

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