All Classes, Week 9

The Talent Show is this Thursday (6th, 7th grade), Friday (7th, 8th grade) and Friday evening 6:00 to 7:00 for parents and the community. We will be running an assembly schedule both days. Because of this, there will be a Sub in the Video Production Studion on Thursday and Friday afternoon. For those students in 6th hour, who are on Tier 1, you can choose to attend both shows or work on your current project. Mr. Sinclair will be the sub. I’m glad he is back.

Essential Question: What video and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

Video A – Filming of the Commercial will be happening this week. Remember to use your paperwork and follow your storyboard and script. You must have 3 product claims, a logo, product exposure and a theme phrase. You must have 3 different camera shots in the commercial. The footage must be steady with minimal background noise. Please ask for help if you need it. I will help you every step of the way. ALWAYS use a tripod. ALWAYS capture your footage every day and save it to your student folder.

Video C – Filming of the Reverse Speed/ Time Shift video will be happening this week. Remember you need this video to be a minute long. Remember that the slow person must be consistent with their speed. Keep it slow and steady. Audio matters. Think about the theme and mood of your film. Do not pick music because it is popular, you will regret is. If it doesn’t fit your theme or mood you will be marked down. Instrumentals are recommended because then the video will not have to compete with the lyrics.

Broadcasting- Editing of the 3rd Broadcast will be happening this week. If you finish early your group may start their wacky broadcast.

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