Video A, Week 5

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

This week will be devoted to assembling the Biotech video. Aligning the images to match the auditory content, close gaps, create titles and credits in Livetype, add transitions and export.

5 x 5 lessons will begin for those who have successfully exported their Biotech video. The 5 x 5 video is 5 video clips that are edited to be exactly 5 seconds long. All 5 clips must be random but related. There is no pre-planning but once a student gets a theme approved they must stick with the theme. The shots must be different (wide, close, slant, up high, down low, point of view, etc.). The audio must be original so make sure those around you are not distracting. The recording of this footage can be captured from the top of the ramp all the way down to the 6th grade entrance. If students are distracting to any classroom they are to film in the video production room only. Filming in the hall is a priviledge and if students can’t be respectful they lose the priviledge. The 5 x 5 video must have a FCE title and credits, no livetype at all on this video. This video is very simple, nothing fancy. Homework will go home on Friday. The studio is open Monday – Friday if you need to stay after to catch up.

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