Video C, Week 2, March 25th

Video C

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to create meaning?

Students, with guidance, will successfully complete all Pre-production paperwork for their Stop Motion video. There must be a clear beginning, middle and end to their story. They can choose clay, lego, paper, computer, whiteboard, candy, toy or people/object stop motion. Once the pre-production paperwork is completed the groups may begin creating the sets and shooting the images.

The Stop Motion project must contain 500 images to receive an A, 400 to receive a B and 300 to receive a C. The storyline must have a clear beginning, middle, end and problem with a solution. The images must not contain random people or props, must be properly framed and the scene must not change for at least 20 pictures. The audio must compliment the content. There must be a livetype title and credits. The students will have 3 weeks to complete this project.

As we do not have school on Friday, there will be no homework over the break.

Tuesday: There will be a Guest teacher in the studio. Students will continue to work on their Stop Motion. There will not be a substitute lesson.

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