Video A, C and Broadcasting, Week 1, March 18th

Essential Question- What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?


Students will take the pre-test in order to secure baseline data about achieved outcomes.

Students will understand the classroom expectations and consequences.

Students will learn the imac interface, how to set up folders and save to their student folder.

Students will be given a Behavioral/Academic contract to be signed by their parent or guardian. They will not be able to use any cameras until this is brought back signed.

Tuesday – Creating student files on the imac

Wednesday – Continue creating student files. Saving to your student folder.

Thursday – Friday: Continue to finish creating and saving to your student folder. Video A will begin researching for Biotech film project when files are done. Video B and C will begin Camera Shot Type film project when done.

On Friday there will be a Behavioral/Academic quiz and homework will be given.

Video C homework will be TenTipsforStopMotionPhotography.doc Blank Article Read Lancer Notes

Broadcasting homework will be

Video A homework will be Blank Article Read Lancer NotesFilm Formats

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