Video A, Week 6, January 21st

Essential Question: What visual and auditory elements are used to convey meaning?

This week we begin learning the role of Pre-Production paperwork to plan a video production. On Monday we will watch a short animation and use it to try our hand at Storyboarding. A Storyboard is a visual representation of a video. Each cell represents a change in camera framing or scene change. Mrs. Findling will model how to represent various camera shots within the cells. The students will Storyboard the animation, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green.” Then the students are invited to storyboard their 2nd 5 x 5 video. This will be the Intentional 5 x 5. The Storyboard must illustrate 1 theme with various camera shots. Once this is approved students can film the 5 x 5. The finished video MUST match the storyboard or points will be deducted. Students MUST stick to their plan.

Students will be given time this week to finish up any loose ends and export their Alternative Energy video and Random 5 x 5 video. The students MUST export these to their class folder (NOT their student folder) in order for Mrs. Findling to grade it.

Students will do Plotting Points #6 and #7 this week. Homework will go home on Thursday/Friday for the weekend.

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