Video A – Week 8, October 22nd

Essential Question: What auditory and visual elements are used to convey meaning?

Monday: Students will explore the elements that create an effective commercial. Students will script the commercial, Pollo Comparo. They will include the timecode, parenthesis for all action happening, quotation marks for what is said and TEXT for any words observed.

Tuesday: The entire Pre-Production Paperwork packet will be explained and those students that are done with both the Random and the Intentional 5 x 5’s may begin to plan their commercials. Planning the commercial will take the remainder of the week. Once the Pre-Production paperwork is complete students may begin filming their commercial.

Homework will go home on Friday.

The Video Production Studio will be open this week on Monday and Wednesday after school until 4:00. Students must get permission and arrange for transportation prior to staying after.

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