Video A – Week 7, Oct. 14th

Essential Question – What visual and auditory elements are used to create meaning?

MEAP testing will be going on this week. Some morning classes will be disrupted for testing. Thursday will be a half day, pm schedule. This will be the one and only day for conferences.

Bell Work:

Monday – Watching commercials and discussing commercial elements (product claims, theme phrase, timing, logo, and exposure)

Tuesday – Plotting points on graph.

Wednesday – Watching more commercials and documenting the commercial elements noticed with a partner.

Thursday – Plotting points on a graph.

Friday – Watching more commercials and independently documenting the commercial elements.

This week we will be completing our Exporting our Random 5 x 5, completing our Intentional 5 x 5 and learning about what elements are used to create an effective Commercial.

Friday there will be Commercial Homework going home. Commercial Homework

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