Video A – Week 9

Video A – Week 9

Esential Question: What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

This week in Video A-

Commercial Elements homework is due on Monday. It will be accepted until Friday at a 10% reduction.

What is pre-production paperwork and why is it helpful when making a video? All students have been working to complete the organizaional guide, storyboard, script and shot sheet. When these are completed the students will get it approved and begin filming their commercial. They must remember to use it when making the commercial so they include their product exposure, product claim, product theme phrase and varied camera shot.

Homework will go home on Friday.

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2 Responses to Video A – Week 9

  1. mya hutton says:

    hi ms.findling im mya i go to milwood at the school that you teach at but i was wondering how do i get your class i know i have to go to my
    counselor and all but the lady never replied back to me and she never gave your class and i really want to try your class out so can you help me get you class next year ill be a 8th grader.

    • Mya,
      Come down and introduce yourself to me. I will email your counselor on your behalf and see what I can do. My classes fill up very quickly. I also have kids in Video for an after school club too. I hope this helps.

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