Video A – Week 8

Video A – Week 8

Essential Question: What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

This week in Video A-

This week we will be exploring the Genre of Commercials. We will be analyzing examples looking for: Product Exposure, Product Claims, Theme Phrases, Target Audiences, Logos, and Timing.


Commerical examples will be shown and the students will be breaking down the elements and discussing their effectiveness. We will do this as a whole class, in small groups and as individuals. After this we will export our 2nd 5 by 5 to be graded by Mrs. Findling. Make sure your films are in the 3rd Trimester Exports folder or it will not be graded.


Commercial Ideas will be generated as a whole class today. We will help eachother come up with theme phrases, claimes and logos. In small film groups the students will put all their ideas for their commercial concept on a graphic organizer.

Wednesday – Friday:

The entire Pre-Production paperwork packet will be discussed and taught. Once the Commercial Concept Graphic Organizer is completed and approved by Mrs. Findling the film group is allowed to complete the Pre-Production paperwork. This will take the remainder of the week.

Friday- Homework will go home to be returned on Monday.

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