Video C – Week 5

Video C – Week 5

Essential Question: What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

This week in Video C-

Turn Homework in on Monday.

This weeks Summative Reading Strategy will be Sum It Up.


We will watch examples of different music videos and discuss the criteria for an effective music video. All groups will export their Stop Motion to the 3rd Trimester Exports folder.

Monday through Wednesday:

All groups will fill out the pre-production paperwork, print the lyrics of the song they wish to use for their music video and get it approved. Remember all songs must be appropriate. This doesn’t just mean no cuss words it means nothing that is about illegal activities or is sexually suggestive. Love songs are really hard to make music videos about so I don’t suggest using a love song. Songs with diverse or changing lyrics are the easiest to use.

Thursday and Friday: Once the pre-production paperwork has been approved the groups may either begin filming or assembling the media they need to put their video together.

Homework will go home on Friday.

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