Video A – Week 3

Essential Question: What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Turn in Homework.

Monday – Wednesday: The Biotech video is well underway. Students will be be aligning the images, adding music, creating dynamic titles and adding credits to their video. Most students will be done by Wednesday. Video A will be Text Rendering this week for Literacy and Summarizing enhancement. On Wednesday I will show examples of 5 x 5’s and model different topics and camera shots. The students will be experimenting with short clips all sharing the same theme.

Thursday – Friday: Students who are done with their Biotech Video will be shooting their first 5 x 5 video. Students who have not completed their Biotech will have two additional days to complete it. After Friday these students will move onto the 5 x 5 and will only be allowed to complete their Biotech video after school.

Friday: Their will be homework.

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