Broadcasting – Week 3

Essential Question: What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Monday – Wednesday: Wrap up Production of 1st Broadcast, if you haven’t done so. Begin editing. Remember to dress in nice clothes the day you are to film. If you wear a t-shirt you will be marked down. Also remember to rehearse your script, sit up tall and speak slowly and clearly. When people are nervous they tend to read fast, this makes it difficult to understand. Our Literacy activity this week will be Text Rendering.

Thursday and Friday: Rough and Fine Editing of the 1st Broadcast will be happening. Remember this is a Newscast so the LiveType title and credits should look and feel like the News. Choose your font, color, and effects carefully. has music you can use for the intro and credits of your Broadcast. Download the Mp3 into itunes then convert it to an AIFF file format. Save this to your student file then import into FCE. Fade this music in and out please.

For an A+ I am requiring you go above and beyond the script you wrote and add additional, unrelated news stories in the ticker at the bottom of the newscast. Use Objects in LiveType for the background and FCE text crawl.

Friday: Homework/Lancer Notes

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