Video B – Week 2

Essential Question: What visual elements create an effective video production?


Objectives: Students will practice capturing specific camera shots successfully. The shots are: Extremely Wide Shot, Wide Shot, Mid-Shot, Mid-Close Up, Close Up, Extreme Close Up, Two-Shot, Over the Shoulder Shot, Point of View, Weather Shot, Slow Zoom In, Slow Zoom Out, Slow Pan Left, Slow Pan Right, Slow Tile Up, Slow Tilt Down and Rule of Thirds. Students will learn the role these shot have when creating an effective video production.

Thursday – Friday

Objectives: Students will check grades and turn in any unfinished classwork- behavior contract, finding physical file, creating student folders on the Imac, saving to their student folder and camera shots. Students will watch Chroma Key examples from previous students and we will model how to record video footage in front of the Green Screen. I will model how to capture the video footage from the flip mino camera and import it into FCE. Students will continue to Chroma Key out the Green Screen and manipulate the footage (size, orientation) to make their test shot believable.

Students will complete their Pre-Production paperwork for their Chroma Key video. They will be traveling to four different locations via the Green Screen. Production should begin by weeks end.

Homework: Article Read, Lancer Notes

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