Video A – Week 8

Essential Question: What visual elements create an effective video production?


Objectives: Complete filming of 5 x 5 video clips. Complete Intentional 5 by 5 storyboard. Complete filming Intentional 5 by 5. Take FCE Quiz. Complete homework.

Monday: Because of the half day, MEAP tests and Conferences there was no homework last week. Students will complete the storyboard illustrating their second 5 by 5. This video will show intentionality of  story or theme with varying camera shots. The final video will by graded using the storyboard.  All audio must be unaltered and original to the clip. The title and credits are simple FCE text not LiveType. Every student must do their own 5×5 video.

Tuesday: Students will continue to plan and film their Intentional 5 by 5.

Wednesday – Friday: Students will be filming, capturing and editing their Intentional 5 x 5’s. When they are done they are to Export it.

Friday: Finishing up the 5 x 5. Homework will be an Article Read/Lancer Notes.

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