Video B & C- Week 9, May 23rd

Video B and C- Week 9
Visual Literacy.3- Use Visuals to express ideas and convey meaning to others.
Visual Literacy.5- Use technology to represent visual imagery.
Visual Literacy.7- Use adequate picture type or message/content.

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Video B,

Monday – Friday

Review homework (Article Read/Lancer Notes: Eddie Murphey)

Model Layering Green Screen Footage and composition of conversation shots.

Review the time line for Video 3. This is the last week for All in One. Finish Production and transition into Editing by Wednesday. Remember there must be 5 characters all done by the same actor. They must appear as if they are all interacting together and the story must make sense. Stick to your storyboard and script. You will be marked down if you end up with a different video than Mrs. Findling approved.

Friday- Homework: Article Read/Lancer Notes

Video C- Monday – Friday

Go over homework.

Go over time line for Video 3. It is due on Friday. This week will be completing production and editing.

Share Manipulating Speed work guide and model how to manipulate speed in FCE.

Friday- Article Read/Lancer Notes

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