Video B and Video C – Week 7, May 9th

Video B and C- Week 7
Visual Literacy.3- Use Visuals to express ideas and convey meaning to others.
Visual Literacy.5- Use technology to represent visual imagery.
Visual Literacy.7- Use adequate picture type or message/content.

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Monday – Friday.

Continue Editing Video #2.

For Video B’s Blair Witch remember the apology scene is the only one necessary. Make sure to have the flashlight casting scary shadows on your extreme close up of your face. Also remember to make references to the real movie so people know what your making fun of. This video requires a Livetype title and credits, scary music and smooth transitions.

For Video C’s Music Video remember to either time the photos to the lyrics or the visuals to the beat of the song. At least one minute of the song is required. This video also requires a Livetype title and credits, appropriate music and smooth transitions. Remember to use large size images and copy the web addresses for all media used for the credits.

Friday- Homework is an article on Audio.

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