Video A – Week 7, May 9th

Video A- Week 7
Visual Literacy.3- Use Visuals to express ideas and convey meaning to others.
Visual Literacy.5- Use technology to represent visual imagery.
Visual Literacy.7- Use adequate picture type or message/content.

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Monday – Wednesday.


1. Students will film and edit their Intentional 5 x5 video. Each clip needs to match the storyboard plan for your video. Your video will be graded on it’s content matching your storyboard.

2. Students will be assessed on their Final Cut Express skills. They will demonstrate they can open FCE, start a new project, import images, video and music, create a title and edit video using i & o keys as well as the razor blade. They will also need to successfully save this to their student file.

Thursday – Friday

Go over Commercial elements. Watch commercials, discussing the elements used effectively- Product claim, Product exposure, theme phrase and timing. Go over the storyboard lesson to be done on Friday when their is a Substitute. Mrs. Findling will be gone for the District Art Department.

Homework: Evaluating Commercial Elements.

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