Video B – Week 5, April 25th

Video B- Week 5

Use Visuals to express ideas and convey meaning to others. Use technology to represent visual imagery. Use collaborative tools to design, develop, and enhance materials, publication, or presentations.

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?


Objectives:  Review homework.   Discuss the Blair Witch video that is next. Watch the last night clip from the movie. Discuss the mood and feelings that are conveyed with the camera shots, lighting and and shake. Watch another time and discuss the point of view shots. Explain the criteria for this video and what shots are necessary to get full points.

Monday: Students will watch one scene from the Blair Witch and several student examples. They will form groups and begin planning their video.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Continue and wrap up Pre-Production paperwork.

Thursday: Wrap up all Pre-Production paperwork.

Friday: Begin Production of Blair Witch video.

Homework: Article Read: How to turn the light of day into night. Lancer Notes.


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