Video A – Week 5, April 25

Video A- Week 5

Use Visuals to express ideas and convey meaning to others. Use technology to represent visual imagery. Use collaborative tools to design, develop, and enhance materials, publication, or presentations.

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?


Show 5×5 examples. Go over 5×5 film rubric. Observe how to make various 5×5’s with the same content using different shots.  Model how to get footage off the film mino to the student file, import to FCE, load into the viewer and edit using the i and o keys. Model how to make 2-3 5 by 5’s to show students how using different camera shots changes the feeling and message of the film. Discuss planning with intentionality or building after winging a set of interesting shots. We will do the first 5×5 with random, interesting shots and the second we will use a storyboard to plan the 5×5. Go over process of checking out and using the flip mino cameras. Remind students to be respectful in the halls, stay away from doors in use, student center, etc. and return to class 10 minutes before class ends so they can capture footage and check equipment back in.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Production of first 5×5. Students will chose a theme and record footage. The video clips will be 8-10 seconds long each and it is recommended that they record 10- 15 shots with varying camera angles. This is not a shared project. Each student will be making their own 5×5’s.

Wednesday – Go over rubric for 5×5 and model editing video clips in FCE for anyone who needs more support.


Go over grades, homework and wrap up filming for the 5×5.

Homework: Article Read / Lancer Notes

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