Video C – Week 9, February 14

Video C – Week 9


Discuss issues related to acceptable and responsible use of technology (e.g. privacy, security, copyright, plagiarism, spam, viruses, file-sharing).

Use technology to represent visual imagery.

Explore basic applications that promote creativity (e.g., graphics, presentation, photo-editing, programming, video-editing).



Discuss definition of copyright, author, deposit, publication, public domain, copyright infringement and mandatory deposit. Discuss the implications of violating copyright laws.

1. Review homework as a group. Discuss the meaning and implications of the copyright terms.

2. Make sure your Reverse Speed Pre-production paperwork is graded.

3. Begin or continue to film Reverse Speed film.

Tuesday – Friday:


Use skill of manipulating speed to enhance video footage.

1. Students will shoot all scenes and capture all footage to begin rough editing.

Homework:Video C- Fair Use

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