Video A – Week 8, February 7


Use adequate picture type for message/content (icon, image, diagram, visual metaphor, map).

Discuss the societal impact of technology in the future.

Introduction to Commercials.
Watch commercial examples and learn about Commercial Elements- theme phrase, product claims, product exposure, timing, intended audience and camera shots.
Learn and identify Commercial elements as a group and watch 2 Commercials independently and identify Commercial Elements.
Introduction to Pre-Production Paperwork. Introduce the Storyboard. Model how to storyboard various camera shots. Students will watch Defective Robot and Storyboard it.
Introduction to Script writing. Watch the commercial Pollo Comparo as a group and model scripting the first 5 seconds. Then students will write everything said, heard and seen (dialog, sound effects, text on screen,etc.) independently. Model writing the time code for each item recorded. The entire script will take up almost the entire sheet.
Go over the Pre-Production paperwork packet again and instruct the students to begin thinking of products for their Commercials. Once the students have successfully completed the Storyboard of Defective Robot and the Script of Pollo Comparo they can form a film group of 2 students and begin to fill out their Pre-production paperwork. Once this paperwork packet is completed and approved students will begin production of their Commercial.

Homework: Commercial Elements Video A Commercial Elements Homework Link/V

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