Video A – Week 7, January 31

Week 7


Respect design principles with imagery/media used (consistency, repetition, contrast, alignment proximity).

Explore basic applications that promote creativity (e.g., graphics, presentation, photo-editing, programming, video-editing).

Use available utilities for editing pictures, images, or charts.

Use collaborative tools to design, develop, and enhance materials, publication, or presentations.



Discuss and create a storyboard from the animation, Defective Robot.

1. Students will watch the animation and observe Mrs. Findling modeling how to storyboard important parts of the story. Different camera shots will be explained and modeled.

2. Students will watch an animation and storyboard the important parts illustrating the various camera shot used. This in class assignment is worth 10 points.

Tuesday and Wednesday:


Plan an intentional 5×5 film using a storyboard. Use at least three different camera shots and movements. Get the storyboard approved to begin filming. Ask students to consider; framing, composition, camera angle/shot, audio, message, text, etc.).

1. Once the animation storyboard is complete students will begin to plan their intentional 5×5 storyboard. The Intentional 5×5 film MUST be recorded exactly according to the storyboard so it is advised that students take their time and consider different angles and shots. This Storyboard is worth 10 pts. This may take more than one day.

2. Once the Intentional 5×5 storyboard is complete and approved by Mrs. Findling the students can check out a video camera and canvas the school recording their footage.

Wednesday – Thursday:


Editing the 5×5 footage to be exactly 5 seconds long will take begin. Creating simple titles and editing audio to compliment them will also take place. Exporting 5×5’s to the 1st Trimester Exports file can be done when students believe they are done.

1. Capturing the footage into the student file.

2. Importing the footage into Final Cut Express.

3. Rough editing the clips into order on the timeline and clipping them down to exactly 5 seconds is next. Students must keep in mind the accompanying audio when editing the video clips.

4. Students will add a very simple title and credits. Audio from “b” clips will be used to accompany the title and credits to make them more interesting.

5. If time allots students will export the 5×5 to the 1st Trimester Export folder on the Desktop.



Peer Review of the Intentional 5×5’s giving specific compliments and thoughtful suggestions to improve the film (considering; framing, composition, camera angle/shot, audio, message, text, etc.).

Revisions of shots, editing will take place after students have received their peer review forms with their peer’s suggestions. A final export will take place.

Homework: Students will take home a Commercial Elements sheet. They are to review two commercials and document elements observed (theme, claims, logos, camera shots, duration and intended audience).

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