Broadcasting Week 5, January 17

2nd Trimester – Video C – Week 5 (Jan. 17)

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Monday – Wednesday:


1. Hand in and review the Homework.

2. Review grades and use comments on Broadcast Segment #1 Rubric to make changes to improve your grade. Inform Mrs. Findling if there are any mistakes on grades.

3. Production of Segment #2 should be underway. Take note of the days Mrs. Findling will be after school if you need to make up any work or need to redo Segment #1.

Thursday -Friday:


1. Turn in homework even if it is late. It will not be accepted on Monday.

2. Review grades.

3. Fine editing of Broadcast segment #2.


Homework is Article Read/Lancer Notes.

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