2nd Trimester – Week 1 – Broadcasting (Dec. 6)

Essentail Question: How can News be interpreted?


Use visuals to express ideas and convey meanings to others.


Objectives- Set up student folders for each broadcast assignment on the imac. Decide on the groups for the first broadcast. Watch a weather cast and use media in final cut to create weather map with stats and complimentary images.

1. Students will learn the projects of the class. There will be 5 segments in each broadcast (weekend weather, sports, Milwood news, local news and national news). As a class we will collectively create a 5 segment broadcast every 2 weeks. These will be posted on this blog as soon as they are completed. Each group will be responsible for completing all 5 segments contributing one for each broadcast.

2. Students will create Student folders for all 5 newscasts on the imac.


Creating a Newscast will be discussed. We will watch a news cast and discuss effective elements (facts, personality, visuals, interest). Students will watch a newscast and document elements that were effective in communicating information in an informative, interesting and unbiased manner.


Watching Sports clips and discussing how they are filmed and edited. Students will watch and evaluate  a sports clip documenting specific camera shots and editing techniques that were used to create an exciting and effective sportscast.


Watching a Weather segment and discussing the Chroma Keying techniques, choice of map or visuals and weather person’s interactions with map to create an effective Weather segment for our broadcast.


Planning our first Broadcast. We will break down the time line, 5 different segments of the Broadcast (Weather, Sports, Milwood News, Local News, and National News) and which groups will cover which segment for the first Broadcast. Groups will be given the planning guide for their segment and will begin to research.

Friday: Homework- Article Read/Lancer Notes

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