Video B- Week 4
Respect design principles with imagery/media used (consistency, repetition, contrast, alignment, and proximity)
Identify appropriate file formats for a variety of applications.
Explore basic applications that promote creativity (graphics, presentation, photo-editing, programming, video-editing).

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?


Students will continue to film and import their 4 locations for their All Around the World film. Students will be assembling their film in FCE and fine editing.

Students will add titles, credits, sound effects and music as necessary per film rubric.

1. Filming with the Green Screen will be taking place for the remainder of this week. Mrs. Findling will assist with filming, capturing, importing and editing. Make sure you let Mrs. Findling know if you need any video clips or props the day before you intend on shooting.


Students will follow the Peer Film review process and review other student’s films. Students will use Video B film rubric as a guide to give constructive feedback for others to use to revise their film.


Students will use the Peer Film review feedback forms to revise their film. All Chromakey/Greenscreen films are due today. If the students film is not done by today they must stay after school to complete it.

Friday- Homework- Article Read,

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