Video C- Week 3
Visual Literacy.9- Respect design principles with imagery/media used (consistency, repetition, contrast, alignment, and proximity)
Basic Operations & Principles- Identify appropriate file formats for a variety of applications.
Technology Productivity Tools- Explore basic applications that promote creativity (graphics, presentation, photo-editing, programming, video-editing).

Essential Question:
What visual elements can be used to convey ideas?

Students will learn what elements make a dynamic title.
Students will evaluate titles of student films and critique them based on elements of a dynamic title.
Students will be shown the criteria for creating a dynamic title in Livetype.
Students will continue to shoot their still images for their Stop Motion film.

1. Mrs. Findling will show an example of few titles mentioning elements of that make them effective/dynamic (timing, text size, text color, text placement, images relationship to content, text style’s relationship to content, effects relationship to content and livefont’s relationship to content). As a class we will critique a few titles. With a partner students will critique a title. As individuals students will evaluate two titles.
2. Students will film one location for their All Around the World film.

Students will review the Video Production room Expectations and Consequences writing them down on the form provided by the substitute.
Students will create a dynamic title in Livetype, follow the workguide and ask for help from those who are listed on the sub plans. When done place the filled out work guide in the finished work bin. Please remember to indicate which computer you worked on.

Students will examine their grades and missing assignments. They will note what needs to be finished or redone in their planners.

Students will learn the 3 stages of film production (Pre-production, Production and Post Production) and identify which stage their group is in.

Students will share out what they are working on and any problems they are having. As a group we will brainstorm ideas to assist groups. Students will also share successes so we can all learn from what is working.

Students will continue to work on their Stop Motion film.

1. Grades will be posted and students will write down all missing or not completed assignments in their planners to help focus them on completing them.

2. Group share of production stages and sharing out successes and struggles with each film.

3. Continue shooting still images for Stop Motion film.

Homework- Article Read, Using Stills in Video, Video C homework- Using a Still Shot LINK

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